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As an organizational consultant and coach, I believe that positive strengths-based approaches to leadership and change are far more effective than focusing on weaknesses or deficits. I endorse the line from Peter Drucker:  "...the job of leadership...is to align our strengths so that our weaknesses become irrelevant." 

Today, higher education faces a disruptive environment that is changing the way many students pursue their educational goals. This is a time for educational entrepreneurs, who are prepared to support innovation of a sort that will be uncomfortable for traditional institutions. Still, some leaders will “get it,” and their institutions will thrive.

I am eager to work with public and private institutions that are prepared to explore innovative solutions that will help create the future. These solutions will tend to be niche oriented and will often involve engaged partnerships of a type that many institutions have never seriously pursued. 

After working for decades as an innovator and entrepreneur in traditional environments, I believe I understand how to work collaboratively, empowering talented people to reach for strategies that can attract new audiences, focusing on institutional strengths, while minimizing downside risks.

The key is what some people call a “design approach” to innovation that supports immersion in the new environment, openness to experiment, and willingness to grant enough independence to the entrepreneurial effort to empower its success, while protecting academic integrity and the role of faculty.

I’ve worked with public and private institutions, with branch campuses and centers, and I’ve led units that developed programs for adult learners, including fully online programs. I’d enjoy talking with you about how we can create a strategic conversation that can open doors at your own institution.


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