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Few people, if any, have the depth and breadth of experience I've had with regional and branch campuses.  I've been a full-time faculty member, a campus associate dean (responsible for both academic and student services), a campus dean, and the chief administrator for a five-campus system. Along the way, I've been active on a national level, serving on the executive committee and as president of the National Association of Branch Campus Administrators, and providing leadership to the annual Conference of Regional and Branch Campus Administrators.

In recent years, I've been fortunate to visit and to serve as a consultant at a number of institutions with branch campuses and centers. Both my administrative experience and philosophy, as well as my academic background in social and organizational behavior, allow me to engage with faculty and administration in discussions about program development, budgets and revenue sharing, marketing, inter-campus relations, and student support services.

Because of my more recent work in distance learning, I also can help campuses develop strategies for integrating online and hybrid courses into their offerings, in order to respond effectively to increased competition.


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