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Programs for Adult Learners

Consult with Dr. Bird regarding your programs for adult learners and other student populations that are seeking innovative, flexible options for achieving their educational goals:

  • Program development and focus, including recruitment and marketing strategies
  • Growth and development of branch campuses, as an integral part of enrollment management
  • Identifying and creating online or hybrid programs that are attractive and competitive
  • Business and financial strategies that encourage growth, including revenue sharing plans
  • Developing engaged partnerships within your institution or in collaboration with others

Invite Dr. Bird to deliver presentations or workshops on topics of current interest:

  • Leadership; strategic change management; building effective teams
  • Design approaches to innovation in higher education
  • How to think like an educational entrepreneur
  • Boomers in transition; building cross-generational teams

Engage with Dr. Bird as a coach or thought partner to:

  • Explore possibilities for your institution or campus
  • Build community, within your institution or through engaged parternships
  • Encourage the development of promising staff members
  • Support the transition of individuals into new leadership roles
  • Support your own transition into an encore career

Dr. Bird will bring a positive, strengths-based approach to supporting individuals and institutions, as they respond to today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. His knowledge and experience with entrepreneurial strategies, innovative programs, and team development will help you discover opportunities and create solutions that can help both organizations and individuals achieve their most important goals.



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Generational Opportunities & Encore Careers

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