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Mar 18

Out on a Limb: A Branch Campus Life

I’m pleased to announce publication of my new book, Out on a Limb:  A Branch Campus Life.  It has been a long time coming, but it is now available on Amazon, in both a print (paperback) version and a Kindle e-book version.  You can find it at (Kindle version) or (Print version). Chapter …

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Dec 10

One More Boundary Condition in the Encore Stage

In addition to the three boundary conditions I discussed in my last post (financial considerations, health, and family circumstances), perhaps I should add a fourth:  Some encore dreams may require or benefit from additional education and training.  Seeking a certification, or even a complete college degree, may make sense, when one considers the potential scope …

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Dec 06

Entrepreneurship in the Encore Stage

Entrepreneurship is one of the major themes that appear in articles on encore careers.  It makes sense.  If one is ready to leave past employment, but wants to continue generating income, the time may be ideal to start a small business.  The experience, relationships, and passion to make a difference that people in the encore …

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Nov 17

Encore Careers and Positivity

It isn’t a big leap to link positivity and strengths-based teams to my interest in encore careers.  As I first appreciated while reading Marc Freedman’s Encore:  Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life, we can choose to focus on the problems created by an aging population, or we can focus on the …

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Oct 27

Positive Psychology and Well-Being

As I prepared PowerPoint slides for a recent presentation, I thought about the ideas that most influenced me over the past few years. Good books and interesting people combined with time and motivation to give me a sense of learning and growth that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Some of the books I …

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Oct 20

Encore Dreams, LLC

I am pleased to announce that I have created a company, Encore Dreams, LLC, to focus on my interest in the encore stage of life.  You can see more information on the company and its services at  That site is a single page, but it also links to my personal web site,, and …

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Sep 22

The Emerging Encore Stage of Life

You might be surprised to hear that the idea of adolescence—a stage of life between childhood and adulthood—has been around only for 100 years or so.  Various changes in the world led scholars to recognize something new, describe it, and give it a name.  Now, we have people talking about another new stage of life, …

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Sep 15

Growing Interest in Encore Careers

Everywhere I look, I see signs of the expanding interest in encore careers.  For example, AARP has a Reinvention Group that supports the topic, and there is an Encore Careers group on LinkedIn that is worth checking out.  Articles on the subject show up frequently, in various periodicals, and you could find a host of …

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Sep 08

Reflections on my Encore Career

I’m eager to get back to writing blog posts, probably because they help me explore whatever happens to be on my mind.  This new series begins with a few observations from my experience over the first year of my “encore” career. First of all, it has been a terrific intellectual journey.  I had the time …

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Aug 04

Responding to Disruptive Change

In my last five posts, I sketched a general view on the disruptive change that is happening in higher education.  This disruption, primarily attributable to the development of online and blended programs that initially were attractive to adult learners, will cause some institutions to struggle and fail, whereas new providers will emerge, perhaps as affiliated …

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