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May 12

A Personal Update

I started this particular blog as a place to share my thoughts about innovation in higher education. Over time, I began posting more on positive psychology and encore careers, which became increasingly important to me, both as subjects of study and as areas that support my work as an executive coach. Indeed, although I enjoy …

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Dec 10

One More Boundary Condition in the Encore Stage

In addition to the three boundary conditions I discussed in my last post (financial considerations, health, and family circumstances), perhaps I should add a fourth:  Some encore dreams may require or benefit from additional education and training.  Seeking a certification, or even a complete college degree, may make sense, when one considers the potential scope …

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Nov 27

Boundary Conditions in the Encore Stage

In my last post, I mentioned that many people approaching or already in the encore stage of life have boundary conditions they need to consider in planning their future.  In my experience, these boundary conditions tend to relate to financial issues (e.g., limited income and savings), health concerns, or family considerations. With regard to financial …

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Nov 05

Reflections After Presenting Encore Career Workshops

I wish more people were familiar with the term “encore career,” or the “encore stage of life.”  It is that time when one has the opportunity to make fresh choices for the future; to reflect on what brings energy and a sense of excitement, and an opportunity to design the future life you want.  In …

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Oct 21

Life Goes On

So, let’s review:  A few weeks ago, I wrote that I was “looking for an extra 5%.”  By that, I meant that I was looking for a little more fun, more stimulation, more engagement, or some such.  My point was that, although my life is good and I’ve made progress toward being consistently positive, something …

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Oct 06

For Mother

Of all the angels in my life, none has loved me longer or better than my mother.  Early on the morning of September 30, at age 91, she left this world for the better one Christians are promised.  I can’t begin to describe how my father, my sister and I miss her, and I know …

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Jan 31

A Personal Take on Gratitude and the Encore Stage

A friend describes me as “the most intentional person she knows.”  I don’t exactly experience my life in that way, but I do know that I was intentional about working the transition from my former life to the life I live now.  I walked my talk, I suppose, by developing a life portfolio and using …

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Jan 08

A Personal Anniversary and Reflection

Welcome, 2013!  This year marks a big anniversary for me:  Ten years ago, today, I had surgery for colon cancer.  I was fortunate, because the cancer was caught early, and there was no follow-up chemotherapy or radiation treatment.  Nevertheless, I will never feel invulnerable or believe that bad things can’t happen to me; those thoughts …

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Dec 17

More on Introverts and Extraverts: Opportunities in the Encore Stage

I want to follow up on my last post, about introverts and extraverts.  One of my coaching clients is an introvert who functions well in our extraverted world.  She told me that reading Susan Cain’s Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking resonated with her more than anything she’d read …

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Dec 06

Entrepreneurship in the Encore Stage

Entrepreneurship is one of the major themes that appear in articles on encore careers.  It makes sense.  If one is ready to leave past employment, but wants to continue generating income, the time may be ideal to start a small business.  The experience, relationships, and passion to make a difference that people in the encore …

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