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May 12

A Personal Update

I started this particular blog as a place to share my thoughts about innovation in higher education. Over time, I began posting more on positive psychology and encore careers, which became increasingly important to me, both as subjects of study and as areas that support my work as an executive coach. Indeed, although I enjoy …

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Nov 27

Boundary Conditions in the Encore Stage

In my last post, I mentioned that many people approaching or already in the encore stage of life have boundary conditions they need to consider in planning their future.  In my experience, these boundary conditions tend to relate to financial issues (e.g., limited income and savings), health concerns, or family considerations. With regard to financial …

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Nov 05

Reflections After Presenting Encore Career Workshops

I wish more people were familiar with the term “encore career,” or the “encore stage of life.”  It is that time when one has the opportunity to make fresh choices for the future; to reflect on what brings energy and a sense of excitement, and an opportunity to design the future life you want.  In …

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Jan 31

A Personal Take on Gratitude and the Encore Stage

A friend describes me as “the most intentional person she knows.”  I don’t exactly experience my life in that way, but I do know that I was intentional about working the transition from my former life to the life I live now.  I walked my talk, I suppose, by developing a life portfolio and using …

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Nov 28

The Relationship Between a Life Portfolio and Well-Being

The notion of an encore stage suggests energy, possibility and a sense of optimism.  The term implies something special, but essentially the most fundamental goal is the same as for any other stage of life:  We want to flourish. Flourishing is the notion described by Martin Seligman, in his work on the goals of positive …

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Nov 09

Emotional Adjustments at the Encore Stage Transition

I’ve written before about the fact that the encore stage transition has its challenges.  Time management, for example, is different in the encore, where there is no full-time job or other formal responsibilities to provide structure.  Even if one pursues an encore career, the flow or balance of work and other activities is likely to …

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Nov 05

A Workshop Opportunity to Explore the Encore Stage

Please forgive me for this “brief commercial message,” which I’m posting on both of my blogs. For the past couple of years, I have engaged in one of the most satisfying professional experiences of my life:  The exploration and pursuit of my encore career.  After “retiring” from university administration, I became a consultant and certified …

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Oct 10

Steps to Support Positive Transitions in the Encore Stage of Life

The point of my last post was simply to acknowledge that transitions into the encore stage are not easy.  The potential—and often the reality—may be wonderful, but thoughtful people benefit from being intentional in their preparation. The folks at Encore.org sponsor a LinkedIn group called Encore Careers.  I recommend joining it, if the topic is …

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Oct 01

Challenges in Achieving an Encore Dream

The encore stage is rich with possibilities, but like every other stage of life, individuals differ in the options or the degrees of freedom that are open to them.  Some people approach the encore stage with financial security, strong relationships, good health, and a clear sense of purpose.  For most, however, there will be challenges …

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Sep 20

Thoughts on Encore Careers

I see articles, books, and television news stories that relate to encore careers, nearly every day.  That’s great, and my excitement for the potential of this new stage of life continues to grow. I distinguish between the encore stage and encore careers, but I’m not sure others do so.  I consider the encore stage to …

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