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May 02

The How of Disruption in Higher Education

I have not written about innovation or disruption in higher education, on Creating the Future, for a while, although I do write about it on my branch campus blog.  This post will be published on both.  (The blog addresses are www.branchcampus.blogspot.com and www.drcharlesbird.com/creatingthefuture.) I’m intrigued by the rapid progress of MOOCs (massive open online courses) …

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May 24

Releasing the Power of Innovation

As emphasized in my last few posts, losing time to whatever seems most urgent at the moment often frustrates leaders’ ability to pursue innovative or creative opportunities.  For this reason, established organizations typically find it necessary to create an independent unit to design, develop and launch new products that are not a direct extension of …

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May 10

Urgent is the Enemy of Important: Part Three

My last two posts were on the theme of “urgent is the enemy of important.”  I’ve used the phrase for a long time, but it isn’t original with me.  Google the phrase and you will find quite a few people making the point.  When I did so, the first item that came up on the …

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May 03

Urgent is the Enemy of Important: Part Two

It is much easier for me to see clearly now, when I am not responsible for whatever crisis-of-the-moment, comes down the pike.  It doesn’t follow that anyone else should care about what I see “clearly,” but I’ve been around awhile, so take it for what it’s worth. I meet and talk to so many bright, …

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Apr 25

Urgent is the Enemy of Important

Remember this well:  Urgent is the enemy of important. Nearly everyone in a leadership role recognizes the need for innovation.  We live in a time when great leadership is even more important than usual, but if one is going to lead effectively, he or she needs to appreciate the difference between “important” and “urgent.” I …

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Jan 19

Productive Paranoia, Luck, and Thriving in Uncertainty

I’ve tried to make the case that one can be positive and focused on strengths, without sacrificing tough-mindedness, competitiveness, or determination to succeed.  It also is important to understand that one can be positive, but still acknowledge negative events and threatening obstacles. I’ve said before that I am, by nature, something of a worrier.  That’s …

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Dec 14

Hedgehogs, Disruption, and the Importance of Focus

Several years ago, I was chatting with a member of the Ohio University Board of Trustees.  He said, “Give me a straight answer to this question:  A dollar invested in your unit will yield a greater return than a dollar invested in the main campus.” At the time, I was responsible for five branch campuses …

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Oct 13

Time, Goals, and Innovation

Creating the future requires an investment of time and energy.  Even design approaches to innovation, which unleash creativity and commitment to change, demand enough time to do research, brainstorm, experiment, and follow through on action plans. To be sure, we do not need to program every moment or to squeeze still more work from others …

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