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May 12

A Personal Update

I started this particular blog as a place to share my thoughts about innovation in higher education. Over time, I began posting more on positive psychology and encore careers, which became increasingly important to me, both as subjects of study and as areas that support my work as an executive coach. Indeed, although I enjoy …

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Sep 23

Seeking a Little More in the Encore Stage

I’m looking for an extra 5%.  As I’ve written before, staying positive takes some work for me.  I “think too much,” make lists, and try to anticipate (and head off) things that might go wrong.  (To put a positive spin on it, risk management may be one of my strengths!)  Like most people of my …

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Mar 20

A Reality Check

  “Show me somebody who is always smiling, always cheerful, always optimistic, and I will show you somebody who hasn’t the faintest idea what the heck is really going on.”  (Mike Royko)   No one who is in touch with reality is happy all the time; difficult times come to everyone.  I’m not a fan …

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Feb 07

Gratitude and the Positivity Ratio

Gratitude is a personal experience, although it can be shared.  In my last post, I wrote about my appreciation for the “semi-structured” way I am able to live, placing it in the context of my transition to the so-called encore stage of life.  However, I want to emphasize that our lives can be full of …

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Jan 17

Gratitude and Well-Being

Gratitude is a powerful contributor to well-being.  Seligman, in his book Flourish, joins others in describing the many benefits of experiencing and expressing gratitude. I especially like Seligman’s description of a “gratitude visit.” He recommends writing a letter to someone to whom you owe a debt of gratitude, but feel that you’ve never adequately acknowledged …

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Nov 28

The Relationship Between a Life Portfolio and Well-Being

The notion of an encore stage suggests energy, possibility and a sense of optimism.  The term implies something special, but essentially the most fundamental goal is the same as for any other stage of life:  We want to flourish. Flourishing is the notion described by Martin Seligman, in his work on the goals of positive …

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Nov 15

The Positive Power of Gratitude

Do you have a list of things for which you are grateful?  Are there individuals—personal angels—who have made an important difference in your life?  Feeling and expressing gratitude turn out to have a positive effect on our well-being, something I’d guess my mother would say, without knowing the research. I feel grateful for an incredible …

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Oct 18

The Life Portfolio as an Encore Stage Tool

Suppose you are considering a major transition in your life.  How do you take charge of your future and maximize the likelihood of an outcome that brings commitment to meaningful goals, renewed energy, and a sense of purpose and well-being? Navigating from what you know to new opportunities will go more smoothly if you are …

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Oct 10

Steps to Support Positive Transitions in the Encore Stage of Life

The point of my last post was simply to acknowledge that transitions into the encore stage are not easy.  The potential—and often the reality—may be wonderful, but thoughtful people benefit from being intentional in their preparation. The folks at Encore.org sponsor a LinkedIn group called Encore Careers.  I recommend joining it, if the topic is …

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Jul 26

On the Match Between Job Requirements and Individual Interests

Years ago, when I was the campus dean at Ohio University-Lancaster, I attended a dinner on the main campus for trustees of the Ohio University Foundation.  Most other deans and executive officers were there, as well, and at some point I found myself standing in a group with three other deans.  One of them said, …

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