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As I worked through my own career transition, I became aware of a growing phenomenon of Baby Boomers seeking "encore" careers.  Many Boomers can't afford to retire to a life of leisure, but many also do not want to retire. What they are seeking is work that is meaningful to them, has an element of flexibility, and allows them to maintain the positive benefits of structure in their lives. 

These individuals bring a lifetime of a strong work ethic, excellent skills, and plenty of energy. At the same time, employers are realizing that there will be a shortfall in the available workforce, suggesting that it is in their best interest to figure out ways of keeping Boomer generation employees around. 

But, what are the implications of a highly age-diverse workforce, for quality of worklife, career advancement, and supervision? As a psychologist, specializing in social and organizational behavior, I find the potential exciting. 

Building effective cross-generational work teams could create a competitive advantage, and some evidence suggests that an age-diverse work place could become a  very positive environment. I'm also intrigued by the values and expectations of the so-called Millennial Generation, and how they are challenging assumptions about work and work-life balance.

Colleges and universities should be developing courses and programs that will be attractive to Boomers preparing for an encore career. Programs might be targeted to help people with their own assessment and decision making, but they might also provide courses that develop critical skills required for employment. Employers may also be interested in workshops that bring a positive approach to building cross-generational teams.

I bring a positive coaching approach to assist institutions interested in developing programs that focus on Boomer transitions or on building cross-generational teams. I also enjoy speaking on this topic, at conferences or in other settings. Feel free to contact me, if I can be of service, either as a speaker or an organizational coach.


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