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Programs for Adult Learners

Recent presentations focused on distance learning and programs for adult learners:

  • A New Day is Dawning: Recruiting and Serving Adult Learners
  • The Changing Higher Education Market Place
  • Marketing Graduate Programs in a Highly Competitive Environment
  • Challenging the Status Quo

Recent presentations focused on regional / branch campus issues:

  • The Future is Now: How New Technologies and Business Models Will Impact Branch Campuses
  • Branch Campus Leadership Strategies
  • National Trends Affecting Branch Campuses
  • Five Thorny Issues: speculating on the Future of Branch campuses

Recent presentations focused on challenges of leadership:

  • Perspectives on Disruptive Change and Strengths-based Leadership
  • The Innovator's Dilemma (Discussion of principles delivered in Clayton Christensen's book by this name)
  • Influencing the Central Administration
  • Baby Boomer and Millennial Generations: Opportunities for the Future

Among the topics that Dr. Bird has addressed in frequent presentations to businesses and professional organizations:

  • Managing the Conflict that Occurs with Change
  • Stress Management for People in leadership Positions
  • Work Motivation
  • Leadership Strategies


Regional and Branch Campuses
Generational Opportunities & Encore Careers

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